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uniclic quick-step laminate flooring

laminate flooring

quick-step range


floors with character ...uniclic quick step

Uniclic Laminate FlooringWelcome to our laminate flooring range. Laminate flooring is a popular choice for many rooms in the home. With such a wide choice of colours and designs around, there's something to suit any home. Nowadays, you're not just limited to wood-style either; choose from our range of floor tiles that give the look of ceramic, but the warmth and practicality of laminate.


Even the budget range 700 series has a 10 year warranty ranging to Majestic which has an incredible 25 year warranty.


Do you dream of an exquisite floor that is quick and easy to install? A floor where all the panels just click together without glue? With a stylish and durable effect? This dream becomes a reality when you bring home Quick-Step.

The original and unparalleled patented Uniclic system allows you to install the perfect laminate flooring, which will guarantee years of pleasure for both young and old - even if you decide to move home. Quick-Step is easy to dismantle - and it can be re-installed up to three times should you wish!


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what is Uniclic?

The ingenious Uniclic system has a special shape of tongue and groove. Their sophisticated and very accurate milled shape makes it possible to create a very tight connection during the installation.


structure of Uniclic

Uniclic structure

1. The protective top layer or overlay
This special developed transparent layer (overlay) has a specific cellulose structure and is impregnated with resin. This creates a very high wear-resistance. It contains a very hard and finely divided product: corundum, which guarantees the wear-resistance. The overlay is so clear that the design layer is totally visible.

2. The design layer
This printed layer, embedded in resin, shows a variety of attractive and very natural patterns.

3. The water-resistantly glued HDF board
This High Density Fibreboard has a very high-density (850kg/m³) and is water-resistantly glued. This gives the board a relative moisture-resistance character. This kind of board is better than the normal chipboard or MDF board because it has a higher solidity and a better shock-resistance.

4. The resin underlayer
This layer, embedded in resin, is made up of melamine which creates a moisture-resistant underlayer for the floor. This layer also takes care of the balance in the Quick-Step Uniclic panels. It creates more or less a counterbalance for the upper layers and guarantees the straightness of the panels. 


Uniclic Quick-stepNote: the colours on this page are for use as a guide only. Differences may occur between these and the actual material colour. Please check with us for further information. Prices are subject to change without notice.


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