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perspective & perspective4



the feel of a solid wood floor

Uniclic Quick-Step is a trendsetter - a history of innovation backs up that claim. With Perspective and Perspective 4, Quick-Step now has two true-to-nature finishing methods that stand out as a result of their inventive and original character. They give your floor the look of a beautiful solid wooden plank floor.


The sides are lightly bevelled to create a subtle v-groove when you click the panels in place. This layer is also coated with a pattern matching the surface design to maximise the natural, expansive plank effect.

Thanks to Living Surface, your floor will boast a refreshing surface structure visible to the naked eye, and you clearly feel it too. Tangible proof of craftsmanship that will sweep you off your feet.


Uniclic Perspective

Uniclic Quick-Step laminate planks with Perspective are gently bevelled along the long side so that the planks click into place to create a subtle v-groove, decorated with a design that corresponds to the surface design. Perspective makes your interior look bigger, in perfect harmony with nature.



Uniclic Perspective 4

If you like a solid plank floor, you'll love Perspective 4. With Perspective 4, you create a subtle v-groove along the long sides by clicking the Quick-Step laminate panels together.


But that's not all, because the short sides are gently bevelled too. The grooves boast the same design as the surface, for a beautiful and original plank effect all around.

The squared sides create a natural groove between the fitted panels.


Uniclic Quick StepNote: the colours on this page are for use as a guide only. Differences may occur between these and the actual material colour. Please check with us for further information. Prices are subject to change without notice.


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