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zodiaq® quartz

quartz - a natural choice


zodiaq quartz in space black

Zodiaq by DupontZodiaq® quartz engineered stone is made from an amazing 93% quartz with the remaining 7% polymer binder. The quartz content in Zodiaq® is pure quartz. The purer the quartz … the stronger it is!


It will retain its diamond-polished looks for years without needing polishing. Due to its stain resisting polymers as well as the quartz, it results in a very durable, non-porous chemical resistant worksurface, ideal for vanity units, worksurfaces and cladding.


With a large selection of beautiful colours in our range, a variety of looks can be achieved to compliment our selection of doors, ensuring your worktops add that timeless beauty to your finished kitchen.


advantages of zodiaq®

  • Timeless beauty.
  • Complete with polished finish.
  • Ideal for vanity tops, worksurfaces, cladding etc.
  • Extremely hard, 7 on the ‘Moh’s Hardness scale’.
  • Zodiaq® quartz surfaces are very easy to maintain.
  • The quartz used coupled with high-performance, stain resistant polymers results in a durable, non-porous, chemical resistant surface.
  • Zodiaq® keeps its lustrous gloss and ultra-smooth surface without polishing. As it is nonporous, it does not require sealants or waxes.
  • Zodiaq® is available in a choice of 24 beautiful colours to compliment your kitchen.


zodiaq® technical notes

Zodiaq® is manufactured from solid pieces of rock (natural quartz) and a polymer resin on a continual processing line. Each mixed batch produces around 150-200 slabs, so colour can vary slightly between batches.


Plain colours are prone to contamination e.g. white may show small dark spots. Darker colours are harder to polish and may be patchy. Dark patches may occur where there is a concentration of the polymer resin - this is not a defect in the material.


zodiaq® colours, prices & accessories


installation/templating prices

We provide a nationwide templating & installation service. We use either our own fitters or those appointed by our fabricators, depending on the location.


standard installation price (up to £2000 nett of materials)

320.00 + VAT

installation price over £2000 nett of materials

16% of material price


130.00 + VAT


All prices exclude VAT


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